Long time no update...I'm been horribly busy. Graduation is May 16th and I'm freaking the crap out. My brother recently started blogging and some of his stuff is really pretty funny (he's rather tongue-in-cheek). Check out his site

I’m not a fan of bringing my personal life to the forefront in blogs (been there done that), but I have to get this pet peeve off my chest. There is this “girl” who blogs…she claims to be an actress (more specifically a comedian), and she blogs about how she wishes the world were more honest. Now, this is what really gets me…under occupation she put “actress,” under expertise she put “comedy,” and under industry she put “show business” uhhh - she is NOT an actress - she’s a college student, she is NOT a comedian - she’s not even that funny, and her industry is getting money from her parents. She writes about how people need to examine their lives and cut out the bullshit and be honest…um, honey, YOU’RE NOT AN ACTRESS YOU IDIOT!

Anywhoooo, this video is a 12 year old boy named Keenan Cahill. I've seen his videos before and he really just cracks me up. He's just being a 12 year old and he's completely comfortable with that. It's funny...enjoy.