You know those nights where you can't sleep (which for an insomniac is every night) so you take out a sheet of paper and just free write? This was the outcome of a most recent 4am free write. I don't hate it...

Point of View: Body

I have been lived in...
    I have scars & scrapes
        I have wrinkles & gray strays
            I have stretch marks & calluses
I have been lived in...
    I have shed tears of joy & screamed in pain
        I have seen war & victory
            I have loved & lost
I have been lived in....
    I have been above the clouds & below the ocean
        I have held hands & kissed cheeks
            I have shivered & sweat
I have been lived in...   
     I have been lived in and it was good
        I have been lived in and it was bad
            I have been lived in and I have proof


Enough said…Happy Holidays!



As per usual -- it's 3am, I'm awake and avoiding an essay. I came across something on (a rather hysterical site dedicated to public displays of failure) and it made me laugh. Apparently rejected the gent in question because when asked what he looks for in a woman, he honestly (and bluntly) put "my dick" as his answer. Now, I realize this probably wasn't the most tactful response but seriously, isn't that what most men look for? Sometimes it makes me wish I had a penis so I could respond with something witty like that. I remember one time Nikki and I were talking about what we'd do if we had penis’...we unanimously decided we'd cock-slap people at every opportunity. Maybe that's why we're twins, or maybe that’s why we spend most nights together wishing we had penises, or further maybe that's why we're both weird. Regardless, I often suffer from penis envy, they just look like so much fun!



A typical day for me consists of stumbling down the stairs for coffee, barely getting dressed, and spending endless hours thinking about nonsensical things (while I should be focusing on lectures). Recently, probably due to the copious amounts of drinking I’ve been doing, I’ve devoted a fair amount of time to the idea of drunk text messages. Now, I’m not one to throw stones in a glass house and I’ll be the first one to admit that I too send the occasional drunk text. Have you ever paused to think what drunk communication between people “back in the day” was like? Well…fear not, I have.