Well, graduation was weird. I didn't cry at the ceremony but the day after (while packing up my apartment) I completely lost it. 3 years of my life fit into a Santa Fe and a Jetta...so weird.

It was a beautiful thing, getting a diploma. I never felt a real sense of pride about graduating college, I kind of felt it was something everyone did. As the ceremony grew nearer, I realized that about 1/4 of my high school class had already dropped out of college, that it was becoming more normal for a bachelors degree to take 5 years and that I really should be proud of my accomplishments - I'm the first person in my family to get a bachelors.

I'm proud...I'm also confused as to why the font/color of my blog has changed. Guh.

I'm renting a moon bounce and getting a keg for my graduation party, oh the hilarity!



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